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How Do You Weigh A Living Whale?

How do you weigh a living whale? The obvious answer is that scientists can't really use a scale. But scientists have something new in their arsenal -- and it's something that can be used above the sea... SeaLifeBase blog

SeaLifeBase congratulates its very own.

Dr. Benjamin Vallejo Jr. (Associate Professor at UP Diliman and Q-quatics BOT Secretary) and Ms. Jeniffer Conejar-Espedido (Research Officer at Q-quatics), together with Ms. Leanna Manubag (Manila Ocean Park / DENR-Biodiversity Management Bureau), authors of "The ecology of an incipient marine biological invasion: The Charru mussel Mytella charruana d'Orbignyi, 1846 (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) in Manila Bay, Luzon, Philippines" (Philippine Journal of Science 146 (4): 483-492, 2017) are the recipients of this year's (2019) National Academy of Science and Technology's OUTSTANDING SCIENTIFIC PAPER AWARD

Check-out their paper here.

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Zeller, D., T. Cashion, M. Palomares and D. Pauly. 2017. Global marine fisheries discards: A synthesis of reconstructed data. . Fish and Fisheries.

Ma, K.C.K., D. Deibel, K.K.M. Law, M. Aoki, C.H. McKenzie, M.L.D. Palomares. 2017. Richness and zoogeography if ascidians (Tunicata: Ascidiacea) in eastern Canada. Can. J. Zool. 95:51-59. dx.doi.org/10.1139/cjz-2016-0087

Torres, M.A., Y. Vila, L. Silva, J.J. Acosta, F. Ramos, M.L.D. Palomares, I. Sobrino.. 2017. Length-weight relationships for 22 crustaceans and cephalopods from the Gulf of Cadiz (SW Spain). Aquatic Living Resources 30(12):1-6

Vallejo, B. Jr., J. Conejar-Espedido, L. Manubag, K.C.C. Artiaga, A.M. Damatican II, I.C.V.J. Imper. 2017. First record of the Charru mussel Mytella charruana d’Orbignyi, 1846 (Bivalvia: Mytulidae) from Manila Bay, Luzon, Philippines. BioInvasions Records 6(1):49-55

Mustika, P.L.K., K. Welters, G.E. Ryan, C. D’Lima, P. Sorongon-Yap, S. Jutapruet and C. Peter. 2016. A rapid assessment of wildlife tourism risk posed to cetaceans in Asia. Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

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