Ecosystems where Graptacme inversa occurs
n = 12
Ecosystem Type Status Ref.
Arctic - province Sea/Bay/Gulf native 1667
Atlantic Ocean Sea/Bay/Gulf questionable 2155
Cold Temperate Northeast Pacific sea/bay/gulf native 1667
East Bering Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 1667
Eastern Bering Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 1667
Gulf of California Sea/Bay/Gulf native 2154
Pacific Ocean Sea/Bay/Gulf native 1667
Sahelian Upwelling Sea/Bay/Gulf questionable 2155
Temperate Northern Pacific sea/bay/gulf native 1667
Tropical Atlantic sea/bay/gulf questionable 2155
Tropical East Pacific sea/bay/gulf native 1667
West African Transition sea/bay/gulf questionable 2155
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