Ecosystems where Astraeosmilia tumida occurs
n = 37
Ecosystem Type Status Ref.
Cargados Carajos/Tromelin Island Sea/Bay/Gulf questionable 848
Central Indian Ocean Islands sea/bay/gulf questionable 848
Central Indo-Pacific sea/bay/gulf native
Chagos Sea/Bay/Gulf questionable 848
Coral Sea and GBR Sea/Bay/Gulf native 848
East African Coral Coast Sea/Bay/Gulf questionable 848
Eastern Coral Triangle sea/bay/gulf native 848
Great Barrier Reef Sea/Bay/Gulf native 848
Gulf of Thailand Sea/Bay/Gulf native 84399
Indian Ocean Sea/Bay/Gulf native 848
Kimbe Bay Sea/Bay/Gulf native 848
Kuroshio Current Sea/Bay/Gulf native 848
Lesser Sunda Sea/Bay/Gulf native 848
Maldives Sea/Bay/Gulf questionable 848
Milne Bay Sea/Bay/Gulf native 848
New Caledonia Sea/Bay/Gulf native 102239
North Australian Shelf Sea/Bay/Gulf native 848
Northern and Central Red Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf questionable 848
Northwest Australian Shelf Sea/Bay/Gulf native 848
Pacific Ocean Sea/Bay/Gulf native 848
Palawan/North Borneo Sea/Bay/Gulf native 83555
Seychelles Sea/Bay/Gulf questionable 848
Solomon Archipelago Sea/Bay/Gulf native 848
South China Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 83555
South India and Sri Lanka Sea/Bay/Gulf questionable 848
Southern Red Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf questionable 848
Sunda Shelf sea/bay/gulf native 83555
Sunda Shelf/Java Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 83555
Temperate Northern Pacific sea/bay/gulf native 848
Tropical Northwestern Pacific sea/bay/gulf native 101074
Tropical Southwestern Pacific sea/bay/gulf native 102239
Tubbataha Reefs Sea/Bay/Gulf native 121724
West and South Indian Shelf sea/bay/gulf questionable 848
West Caroline Islands Sea/Bay/Gulf native 101074
Western Coral Triangle sea/bay/gulf native 848
Western Indian Ocean sea/bay/gulf questionable 848
Western Indo-Pacific sea/bay/gulf questionable 848
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