Species under Murex
n= 23
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Murex acanthostephes
Watson, 1883
Eastern Indian Ocean
Murex aduncospinosus
Beck, 1841
Western Pacific 12
Murex altispira
Ponder & Vokes, 1988
Western Central Pacific
Murex brevispina
Lamarck, 1822
Short-spinned murex Western Central Pacific
Murex carbonnieri
(Jousseaume, 1881)
Indo-West Pacific
Murex duplex
R├Âding, 1798
Duplex murex Atlantic Ocean
Murex falsitribulus
Ponder & Vokes, 1988
Western Pacific
Murex forskoehlii
R├Âding, 1798
Introduced to the Mediterranean Sea
Murex fulvescens
Sowerby, 1834
Western Central Atlantic 18.5
Murex mindanoensis
Sowerby, 1841
Western Central Pacific 20
Murex nigrispinosus
Reeve, 1845
Western Central Pacific 12
Murex occa
Sowerby, 1834
Western Central Pacific
Murex pecten
Lightfoot, 1786
Venus comb murex Indo-West Pacific 15
Murex philippinensis
Parth, 1994
Western Central Pacific
Murex recurvirostris
Broderip, 1833
Western Central Atlantic
Murex scolopax
Dillwyn, 1817
Scalloped murex Western Indian Ocean
Murex spectabilis
Ponder & Vokes, 1988
Western Central Pacific
Murex surinamensis
Okutani, 1982
Indian Ocean 9.85
Murex tenuirostrum
Lamarck, 1822
Indo-West Pacific
Murex ternispina
Lamarck, 1822
Black-spined murex Indo-West Pacific 12
Murex trapa
R├Âding, 1798
Rarespined murex Indo-West Pacific 11.5
Murex tribulus
Linnaeus, 1758
Caltrop murex Indo-West Pacific 10.5
Murex troscheli
Lischke, 1868
Troschel's Murex Western Pacific 20
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