Species under Donax
n= 37
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Donax asper
Hanley, 1845
Rough butterfly Donax Eastern Pacific
Donax bipartitus
Sowerby III, 1892
Western Indian Ocean
Donax californicus
Conrad, 1837
California beanclam East Pacific
Donax carinatus
Hanley, 1843
Sculptured Donax Eastern Pacific and Western Central Atlantic
Donax cuneatus
Linnaeus, 1758
Cuneate Donax Indo-West Pacific 4
Donax denticulatus
Linnaeus, 1758
Common Caribbean Donax Western Atlantic 1.8
Donax dentifer
Hanley, 1843
Toothed Donax Eastern Central Pacific 3.05
Donax dysoni
(Deshayes, 1854)
Northwest Pacific
Donax faba
Gmelin, 1791
Pacific bean Donax Indo-West Pacific 2.5
Donax fossor
Say, 1822
Fossor coquina North America 1.8
Donax gemmula
Morrison, 1971
Western Atlantic 0.65
Donax gouldii
Dall, 1921
Gould beanclam Eastern Central Pacific
Donax gracilis
Hanley, 1845
Gracile Donax Eastern Pacific
Donax hanleyanus
Philippi, 1847
Western Atlantic 3.3
Donax incarnatus
Gmelin, 1791
Fleshy Donax Indo-West Pacific 4
Donax kiusiunensis
Pilsbry, 1901
Northwest Pacific
Donax nitidus
Deshayes, 1854
Indo-West Pacific
Donax obesulus
Reeve, 1854
Pacific South America
Donax pulchellus
Hanley, 1843
Beautiful Donax Eastern Central Atlantic
Donax punctatostriatus
Hanley, 1843
Punctate Donax Eastern Pacific and Western Central Atlantic 3.9
Donax rugosus
Linnaeus, 1758
Rugose Donax Eastern Atlantic
Donax scalpellum
Gray, 1825
Western Indian Ocean
Donax scortum
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Leather Donax Indo-West Pacific 9
Donax semigranosus
Dunker, 1877
Northwest Pacific
Donax semistriatus
Poli, 1795
Northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean 4.28
Donax serra
Röding, 1798
White mussel Southeast Atlantic
Donax sordidus
Hanley, 1845
Southeast Atlantic; South Africa
Donax spiculum
Reeve, 1855
Western Indian Ocean
Donax striatus
Linnaeus, 1767
Striate Donax Western Atlantic 4
Donax texasianus
Philippi, 1847
Texas coquina North America
Donax ticaonicus
Hanley, 1844
Western Pacific
Donax trunculus
Linnaeus, 1758
Truncate Donax Eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Red Sea 4.4
Donax variabilis
Say, 1822
Variable coquina Western Atlantic 1.9
Donax variegatus
(Gmelin, 1791)
Smooth Donax Northeast Atlantic and the Mediterranean 4.012
Donax vellicatus
Reeve, 1855
Western Central Atlantic 3.4
Donax venustus
Poli, 1795
Lovely Donax Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean
Donax vittatus
(da Costa, 1778)
Banded-wedge shell Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean 4
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