Species under Caulerpa
n= 34
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Caulerpa annulata
Western Central Pacific
Caulerpa antoensis
Western Central Pacific
Caulerpa bikinensis
W.R. Taylor
Western Central Pacific
Caulerpa brachypus
Sea mustard Atlantic and Indo-Pacific oceans
Caulerpa brownii
(C. Agardh) Endlicher
Southwest Pacific
Caulerpa cupressoides
(Vahl) Agardh, 1823
Toothed stolon Atlantic Ocean
Caulerpa fastigiata
Montagne, 1837
Western Central Pacific, Western Central Atlantic and Western Indian Ocean
Caulerpa flexilis
J.V. Lamouroux
Southwest Pacific
Caulerpa lentillifera
J. Agardh
Small seagrape Indian Ocean
Caulerpa longifolia
C. Agardh
Southwest Pacific
Caulerpa macrodisca
Decaisne, 1842
Western Central Pacific
Caulerpa manorensis
Western Indian Ocean
Caulerpa mexicana
Sonder ex Kützing
Mexican seaweed Western Central Pacific, Western Indian Ocean and Atlantic
Caulerpa microphysa
(Weber-van Bosse) Feldmann, 1955
Western Central Pacific and Atlantic
Caulerpa nummularia
Harvey ex J. Agardh
Indo-Pacific and Western Central Atlantic
Caulerpa opposita
Coppejans & Meinesz
Western Central Pacific
Caulerpa paspaloides
(Bory de Saint-Vincent) Greville
Western Central Atlantic
Caulerpa peltata
Lamouroux, 1809
Flattop seagrape Circumtropical
Caulerpa prolifera
(Forsskål) J.V. Lamouroux
Western Central Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea
Caulerpa racemosa
(Forsskål) Agardh, 1873
Coarse seagrape Indo-Pacific, Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean
Caulerpa racemosa var. clavifera
(Turner) Weber-van Boose, 1898
Western Central Pacific
Caulerpa racemosa var. macrophysa
(Sonder ex Kützing) Taylor, 1928
Western Central Pacific, Western Indian Ocean and the Caribbean
Caulerpa racemosa var. occidentalis
(Agardh) Børgesen, 1907
Western Central Pacific and Atlantic
Caulerpa reyesii
Meñez & Calumpong, 1982
Western Central Pacific
Caulerpa selago
(Turner) C. Agardh
Western Central Pacific and Western Indian Ocean
Caulerpa serrulata
(Forsskål) Agardh, 1837
Western Central Atlantic and Indo-Pacific
Caulerpa sertularioides
(Gmelin) Howe, 1905
Green sea feather Indo-Pacific and Atlantic Ocean
Caulerpa seuratii
Weber-van Bosse
Eastern Central Pacific
Caulerpa subserrata
Western Central Pacific
Caulerpa taxifolia
(M. Vahl) C. Agardh
Green sea palm Atlantic and Indo-Pacific oceans and the Mediterranean Sea
Caulerpa urvilleana
Montagne, 1845
Central Pacific and Atlantic oceans
Caulerpa uvifera f. intermedia
(Weber-van Bosse) Svedelius, 1906
Indo-Pacific Oceans
Caulerpa verticillata
Agardh, 1847
Western Pacific and Western Atlantic
Caulerpa webbiana
Montagne, 1838
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