Species under Cancer
n= 14
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Cancer amphioetus
Rathbun, 1898
Japanese rock crab Pacific Ocean
Cancer anthonyi
Rathbun, 1897
Yellow rock crab Eastern Central Pacific 17.5
Cancer bellianus
Johnston, 1861
Toothed rock crab Eastern Atlantic 22.1
Cancer borealis
Stimpson, 1859
Jonah crab Western Atlantic 16
Cancer gibbosulus
(de Haan, 1835)
Gibbous rock crab Northwest Pacific
Cancer gracilis
Dana, 1852
Graceful rock crab Eastern Pacific 10
Cancer irroratus
Say, 1817
Atlantic rock crab Western Atlantic
Cancer johngarthi
Carvacho, 1989
Northern lemon rock crab To be filled
Cancer jordani
Rathbun, 1900
Hairy rock crab Eastern Pacific 3.3
Cancer novaezealandiae
(Jacquinot, 1853)
Cancer crab Southwest Pacific
Cancer pagurus
Linnaeus, 1758
Edible crab Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean 20
Cancer plebejus
Poeppig, 1836
Chilean crab Southeast Pacific and Southwest Atlantic 15
Cancer porteri
Rathbun, 1930
Boco Southern Pacific 12.3
Cancer productus
Randall, 1840
Red rock crab Eastern Pacific 20
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