International Introductions of Carcinus maenas
Introductions as compiled by FAO
Main Ref. Klassen, G. and A. Locke, 2007
To Canada
FAO area Atlantic, Northwest
From unknown
FAO area
Year 2007
Period 1975-present
Established in the Wild probably yes
Established in Aquaculture
Significant Ecological Interactions yes - adverse
Significant Socio-economic Effects
Introduced by
Reason accidental with ships
Other Reason diffused from other countries
Comments It is known in both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Canada. First reported in Canadian waters from Passamaquoddy Bay in 1951, C. maenas has spread to several regions in Atlantic Canada in 2007: Bay of Fundy, Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Prince Edward Island, and the Atlantic shore of Newfoundland. In Pacific Canada, C. maenas was first reported in British Columbia in 1999. It was thought to have dispersed from northwestern USA via strong northbound currents or via shipping. Local breeding populations had apparently established by 2006. In 2007, it was found throughout the west coast of Vancouver Island, with low abundance in comparison to Atlantic Canada.
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