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66 species with fin ray counts including ? spines in dorsal and ? in anal fins (see list below)
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Galacera marplatensis
No picture found

Greilada elegans
No picture found

Heteroplocamus pacificus
No picture found

Holoplocamus papposus
[small knobbed sea slug]
No picture found

Kalinga ornata
No picture found

Kaloplocamus gulo

Limacia clavigera
[orange clubbed sea slug]
No picture found

Limacia cockerelli
[Cockerell's dorid]
No picture found

Limacia janssi
[Janss' dorid]
No picture found

Nembrotha amitina

Nembrotha aurea

Nembrotha chamberlaini
[chamberlain's nembrotha]

Nembrotha cristata
[crested nembrotha]
No picture found

Nembrotha guttata

Nembrotha kubaryana
[dusky Nembrotha]

Nembrotha lineolata
[lined nembrotha]

Nembrotha livingstonei
[livingstone's Nembrotha]

Nembrotha megalocera
[great Nembrotha]
No picture found

Nembrotha milleri
[miller's nembrotha]
No picture found

Nembrotha mullineri
No picture found

Nembrotha nigerrima
[variable neon slug]

Nembrotha purpureolineolata
[purple lined nembrotha]

Nembrotha rutilans
[red-gilled Nembrotha]

Nembrotha yonowae
No picture found

Palio dubius
No picture found

Plocamopherus ceylonicus
[Ceylon Plocamopherus]

Plocamopherus imperialis
[imperial Plocamopherus]
No picture found

Plocamopherus lucayensis
No picture found

Plocamopherus maculapodium
No picture found

Plocamopherus maculatus
No picture found

Plocamopherus ocellatus
No picture found

Plocamopherus pilatectus

Plocamopherus tilesii
[Tile's sea slug]
No picture found

Polycera alabe
[ink-stain dorid]

Polycera capensis
[crowned nudibranch]
No picture found

Polycera gnupa
No picture found

Polycera incognita
No picture found

Polycera risbeci
No picture found

Roboastra arika
[waterlilly Roboastra]
No picture found

Roboastra europea

Roboastra gracilis
[slender roboastra]
No picture found

Roboastra luteolineata
[bordered roboastra]
No picture found

Roboastra luteolineolata
No picture found

Roboastra ricei
[banana polycera]
No picture found

Roboastra tigris
[tiger dorid]
No picture found

Tambja affinis
[related tambja]
No picture found

Tambja capensis

Tambja ceutae
No picture found

Tambja divae
No picture found

Tambja eliora
[blue-striped sea slug]
No picture found

Tambja fusca
[slimy slug]

Tambja gabrielae
No picture found

Tambja gratiosa

Tambja kushimotoensis
No picture found

Tambja limaciformis
[Eliot's Tambja]
No picture found

Tambja marbellensis

Tambja morosa
[gloomy nudibranch]
No picture found

Tambja mullineri
No picture found

Tambja oliva
No picture found

Tambja olivaria
[olive Tambja]
No picture found

Tambja stegosauriformis

Tambja verconis
[Verco's nudibranch]
No picture found

Thecacera darwini
[Dalmatian sea slug]

Thecacera pacifica
[Pacific thecacera]

Thecacera pennigera
[rudman's thecacera]

Thecacera picta
[painted Thecacera]
66 Species of Family Polyceridae
Sort by: Species Length
Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Galacera marplatensis Western Atlantic. 3.3 DL
Greilada elegans Northeast Atlantic
Heteroplocamus pacificus Southwest Pacific
Holoplocamus papposus small knobbed sea slug Southeast Pacific and Sou 2.5 DL
Kalinga ornata Western Pacific.
Kaloplocamus gulo Western Atlantic. 1.1 DL
Limacia clavigera orange clubbed sea slug Northeast Atlantic, the M
Limacia cockerelli Cockerell's dorid Eastern Pacific. Tropica 2.59999990463257 TL
Limacia janssi Janss' dorid Eastern Pacific. 0.800000011920929 TL
Nembrotha amitina Western Central Pacific
Nembrotha aurea Western Central Pacific
Nembrotha chamberlaini chamberlain's nembrotha Western Pacific 7 TL
Nembrotha cristata crested nembrotha Indo-West Pacific. 12 TL
Nembrotha guttata Indo-West Pacific 3.5 TL
Nembrotha kubaryana dusky Nembrotha Indo-West Pacific 6 TL
Nembrotha lineolata lined nembrotha Indo-West Pacific. 4.5 TL
Nembrotha livingstonei livingstone's Nembrotha Indo-West Pacific. 4 TL
Nembrotha megalocera great Nembrotha Western Indian Ocean 7.5 TL
Nembrotha milleri miller's nembrotha Western Central Pacific
Nembrotha mullineri Western Central Pacific
Nembrotha nigerrima variable neon slug Western Pacific
Nembrotha purpureolineolata purple lined nembrotha Indo-Pacific 6 TL
Nembrotha rutilans red-gilled Nembrotha Indo-West Pacific 5 TL
Nembrotha yonowae Western Central Pacific
Palio dubius Atlantic Ocean. 1 DL
Plocamopherus ceylonicus Ceylon Plocamopherus Western Pacific
Plocamopherus imperialis imperial Plocamopherus Indo-West Pacific 10 TL
Plocamopherus lucayensis Western Atlantic. 4 DL
Plocamopherus maculapodium Western Central Pacific
Plocamopherus maculatus Indo-Pacific 4 TL
Plocamopherus ocellatus Western Indian Ocean and
Plocamopherus pilatectus Western Atlantic. 2.8 DL
Plocamopherus tilesii Tile's sea slug Indo-West Pacific.
Polycera alabe ink-stain dorid Eastern Central Pacific. 3 TL
Polycera capensis crowned nudibranch Eastern Atlantic and Indo 7 TL
Polycera gnupa Eastern Pacific. 1.39999997615814 TL
Polycera incognita Western Atlantic. 0.7 DL
Polycera risbeci Indo-West Pacific. 1 TL
Roboastra arika waterlilly Roboastra Indo-West Pacific. 4 TL
Roboastra europea Mediterranean Sea.
Roboastra gracilis slender roboastra Indo-West Pacific. 3 TL
Roboastra luteolineata bordered roboastra Western Central Pacific
Roboastra luteolineolata Indo-Pacific 3 TL
Roboastra ricei banana polycera Western Atlantic. 5.1 DL
Roboastra tigris tiger dorid Eastern Central Pacific 30 TL
Tambja affinis related tambja Indo-West Pacific 7 TL
Tambja capensis Southeast Atlantic and We
Tambja ceutae Mediterranean Sea.
Tambja divae Southwest Atlantic 1.2 TL
Tambja eliora blue-striped sea slug Eastern Pacific. 8 TL
Tambja fusca slimy slug Eastern Central Pacific 5 TL
Tambja gabrielae Western Central Pacific
Tambja gratiosa Western Atlantic. 2.2 DL
Tambja kushimotoensis Indo-West Pacific 5 TL
Tambja limaciformis Eliot's Tambja Indian Ocean 1.5 TL
Tambja marbellensis Mediterranean Sea.
Tambja morosa gloomy nudibranch Indo-Pacific. East Afric 7 TL
Tambja mullineri Southeast Pacific 4 TL
Tambja oliva Western Atlantic. 2 DL
Tambja olivaria olive Tambja Western Indian Ocean 6 TL
Tambja stegosauriformis Western Atlantic. 5 DL
Tambja verconis Verco's nudibranch Indo-West Pacific 13 TL
Thecacera darwini Dalmatian sea slug Southeast Pacific
Thecacera pacifica Pacific thecacera Indo-Pacific and Western 3.5 DL
Thecacera pennigera rudman's thecacera Circumglobal and the Medi 2 TL
Thecacera picta painted Thecacera Indo-West Pacific 1 TL

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