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Family: Pectiniidae (See list of species below)

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32 species with fin ray counts including ? spines in dorsal and ? in anal fins (see list below)

Echinomorpha nishihirai

Echinophyllia aspera
[Flat lettuce coral]

Echinophyllia costata

Echinophyllia echinata

Echinophyllia echinoporoides
[Red stone coral]
No picture found

Echinophyllia maxima

Echinophyllia orpheensis

Echinophyllia patula

Echinophyllia pectinata
No picture found

Echinophyllia tarae

Echinophyllia taylorae

Mycedium elephantotus
[Chinese lettuce coral]

Mycedium mancaoi

Mycedium robokaki
No picture found

Mycedium spina

Mycedium steeni

Mycedium umbra
[Green eyed cup coral]

Oxypora convoluta

Oxypora crassispinosa
[Porous lettucw coral]

Oxypora egyptensis

Oxypora glabra
[Porous lettuce coral]

Oxypora lacera
[Ragged chalice coral]

Pectinia africanus

Pectinia alcicornis
[Antler coral]
No picture found

Pectinia crassa

Pectinia elongata

Pectinia lactuca
[Lettuce coral]

Pectinia maxima

Pectinia paeonia
[Plate coral]

Pectinia pygmaeus

Pectinia teres

Physophyllia ayleni
32 Species of Family Pectiniidae
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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Echinomorpha nishihirai Western Pacific.
Echinophyllia aspera Flat lettuce coral Indo-West Pacific.
Echinophyllia costata Western Central Pacific
Echinophyllia echinata Western Central Pacific.
Echinophyllia echinoporoides Red stone coral Western Central Pacific.
Echinophyllia maxima Western Pacific
Echinophyllia orpheensis Indo-West Pacific.
Echinophyllia patula Western Central Pacific.
Echinophyllia pectinata Western Central Pacific
Echinophyllia tarae Eastern Central Pacific
Echinophyllia taylorae Western Central Pacific
Mycedium elephantotus Chinese lettuce coral Indo-West Pacific.
Mycedium mancaoi Western Central Pacific.
Mycedium robokaki Western Central Pacific.
Mycedium spina Western Central Pacific
Mycedium steeni Western Central Pacific
Mycedium umbra Green eyed cup coral Western Central Pacific
Oxypora convoluta Western Indian Ocean
Oxypora crassispinosa Porous lettucw coral Western Central Pacific.
Oxypora egyptensis Western Indian Ocean
Oxypora glabra Porous lettuce coral Western Central Pacific.
Oxypora lacera Ragged chalice coral Indo-West Pacific.
Pectinia africanus Western Central Pacific
Pectinia alcicornis Antler coral Western Central Pacific.
Pectinia crassa Western Central Pacific
Pectinia elongata Western Central Pacific
Pectinia lactuca Lettuce coral Indo-Pacific. 100 WD
Pectinia maxima Western Central Pacific
Pectinia paeonia Plate coral Western Central Pacific.
Pectinia pygmaeus Western Central Pacific
Pectinia teres Western Central Pacific
Physophyllia ayleni Western Central Pacific.

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