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Family: Sepiolidae bobtail squids (See list of species below)

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68 species with fin ray counts including ? spines in dorsal and ? in anal fins (see list below)
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Amutatiola macroventosa

Austrorossia antillensis
[Antilles bobtail]

Austrorossia australis
[Big bottom bobtail squid]

Austrorossia bipapillata
[Big-eyed bobtail squid]
No picture found

Austrorossia enigmatica
No picture found

Austrorossia mastigophora
[Whip-bearing bobtail]
No picture found

Choneteuthis tongaensis
No picture found

Dextrasepiola taenia

Eumandya parva
[Spotty bobtail squid]
No picture found

Eumandya phenax
No picture found

Euprymna albatrossae

Euprymna berryi
[Double-ear bobtail]
No picture found

Euprymna brenneri
No picture found

Euprymna hoylei
No picture found

Euprymna hyllebergi
No picture found

Euprymna megaspadicea

Euprymna morsei
[Mimika bobtail squid]
No picture found

Euprymna penares
No picture found

Euprymna schneehageni
No picture found

Euprymna scolopes
[Hawaiian bobtail squid]
No picture found

Euprymna stenodactyla

Euprymna tasmanica
[Southern bobtail squid]
No picture found

Heteroteuthis dagamensis

Heteroteuthis dispar
[Odd bobtail]
No picture found

Heteroteuthis ryukyuensis
No picture found

Heteroteuthis serventyi

Heteroteuthis weberi
[Stumpy bobtail squid]
No picture found

Inioteuthis capensis
No picture found

Inioteuthis japonica
No picture found

Inioteuthis maculosa
[Bobtail squid]
No picture found

Iridoteuthis iris
No picture found

Iridoteuthis maoria
No picture found

Nectoteuthis pourtalesi
[Mickey mouse squid]

Neorossia caroli
[Carol bobtail]
No picture found

Neorossia leptodons
No picture found

Rondeletiola capensis

Rondeletiola minor
[Lentil bobtail squid]
No picture found

Rossia brachyura
No picture found

Rossia bullisi
[Bully bobtail]
No picture found

Rossia glaucopis

Rossia macrosoma
[Stout bobtail]
No picture found

Rossia megaptera
[Big-fin bobtail squid]
No picture found

Rossia moelleri
No picture found

Rossia mollicella

Rossia pacifica
[North Pacific bobtail]
No picture found

Rossia palpebrosa
[Warty bobtail squid]

Rossia tortugaensis
[Tortuga bobtail]

Semirossia equalis
[Greater shining bobtail]
No picture found

Semirossia patagonica
[Little patagonian globe]

Semirossia tenera
[Lesser shining bobtail]

Sepietta neglecta

Sepietta obscura

Sepietta oweniana
[Common bobtail squid]

Sepiola affinis

Sepiola atlantica
[Atlantic bobtail]
No picture found

Sepiola aurantiaca
[Golden bobtail squid]

Sepiola birostrata
[Butterfly bobtail]

Sepiola intermedia
[Intermediate bobtail squid]
No picture found

Sepiola knudseni
[Knudsen's bobtail squid]

Sepiola ligulata
No picture found

Sepiola pfefferi

Sepiola robusta

Sepiola rondeletii
[Dwarf bobtail squid]
No picture found

Sepiola rossiaeformis

Sepiola steenstrupiana

Sepiola trirostrata
[Knobby bobtail squid]

Sepiolina nipponensis
[Japanese bobtail]

Stoloteuthis leucoptera
[Butterfly bob tail]
68 Species of Family Sepiolidae
(bobtail squids)
Sort by: Species Length
Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Amutatiola macroventosa Eastern Indian Ocean
Austrorossia antillensis Antilles bobtail Northwest Atlantic (Ref. 9 ML
Austrorossia australis Big bottom bobtail squid Indo-West Pacific 6.3 ML
Austrorossia bipapillata Big-eyed bobtail squid Western Pacific 5.7 ML
Austrorossia enigmatica Southeast Atlantic 2.7 ML
Austrorossia mastigophora Whip-bearing bobtail Eastern Central Atlantic; 4.6 ML
Choneteuthis tongaensis Eastern Central Pacific
Dextrasepiola taenia Western Central Pacific
Eumandya parva Spotty bobtail squid Western Pacific 1 ML
Eumandya phenax Western Pacific 1.1 ML
Euprymna albatrossae Western Central Pacific 2.4 ML
Euprymna berryi Double-ear bobtail Indo-West Pacific 5 ML
Euprymna brenneri Northwest Pacific
Euprymna hoylei Indo-West Pacific
Euprymna hyllebergi Eastern Indian Ocean 3.5 ML
Euprymna megaspadicea Northwest Pacific
Euprymna morsei Mimika bobtail squid Indo-West Pacific 4 ML
Euprymna penares Indo-Pacific.
Euprymna schneehageni Western Central Pacific.
Euprymna scolopes Hawaiian bobtail squid Eastern Central Pacific 3 ML
Euprymna stenodactyla Indo-Pacific
Euprymna tasmanica Southern bobtail squid Indo-West Pacific 4 ML
Heteroteuthis dagamensis Eastern Atlantic and West
Heteroteuthis dispar Odd bobtail Atlantic, Mediterranean, 2.5 ML
Heteroteuthis ryukyuensis Northwest Pacific
Heteroteuthis serventyi Indo-Pacific. 3 ML
Heteroteuthis weberi Stumpy bobtail squid Indo-West Pacific
Inioteuthis capensis Southeast Atlantic
Inioteuthis japonica Northwest Pacific 2 ML
Inioteuthis maculosa Bobtail squid Indo-West Pacific 1.4 ML
Iridoteuthis iris Central Pacific 2.8 ML
Iridoteuthis maoria Southern Pacific.
Nectoteuthis pourtalesi Mickey mouse squid Western Atlantic
Neorossia caroli Carol bobtail Atlantic Ocean and the Me 8.3 ML
Neorossia leptodons Indo-West Pacific 7.75 ML
Rondeletiola capensis Mediterranean Sea and the
Rondeletiola minor Lentil bobtail squid Eastern Atlantic and the 2.5 ML
Rossia brachyura Western Central Atlantic
Rossia bullisi Bully bobtail Western Atlantic 4.5 ML
Rossia glaucopis Southeast Pacific, Northe
Rossia macrosoma Stout bobtail Eastern Atlantic and the 10 ML
Rossia megaptera Big-fin bobtail squid Western Atlantic 8 ML
Rossia moelleri Northern Atlantic and the 7 ML
Rossia mollicella Northwest Pacific 3.6 ML
Rossia pacifica North Pacific bobtail Pacific Ocean and the Arc 8 ML
Rossia palpebrosa Warty bobtail squid Atlantic Ocean and the Ar 5 ML
Rossia tortugaensis Tortuga bobtail Western Atlantic 10 ML
Semirossia equalis Greater shining bobtail Western Atlantic 5 ML
Semirossia patagonica Little patagonian globe Southwest Atlantic and So
Semirossia tenera Lesser shining bobtail Arctic, Eastern Central P 5 ML
Sepietta neglecta Eastern Atlantic and the 3.3 ML
Sepietta obscura Northeast Atlantic and th 3 ML
Sepietta oweniana Common bobtail squid Eastern Atlantic, the Med 5 ML
Sepiola affinis Mediterranean Sea 2.5 ML
Sepiola atlantica Atlantic bobtail Eastern Atlantic Questio 2.1 ML
Sepiola aurantiaca Golden bobtail squid Northeast Atlantic and th 2 ML
Sepiola birostrata Butterfly bobtail Western Pacific 2.2 ML
Sepiola intermedia Intermediate bobtail squid Mediterranean Sea. 2.8 ML
Sepiola knudseni Knudsen's bobtail squid Eastern Central Atlantic 1.8 ML
Sepiola ligulata Mediterranean Sea. 2.5 ML
Sepiola pfefferi Northeast Atlantic 1.2 ML
Sepiola robusta Mediterranean Sea. 2.8 ML
Sepiola rondeletii Dwarf bobtail squid Eastern Atlantic, Mediter 6 ML
Sepiola rossiaeformis Indo-Pacific. 0.06 ML
Sepiola steenstrupiana Mediterranean and Black S 3 ML
Sepiola trirostrata Knobby bobtail squid Western Central Pacific 1.25 ML
Sepiolina nipponensis Japanese bobtail Western Pacific 2.5 ML
Stoloteuthis leucoptera Butterfly bob tail Southwest Pacific, Amphi- 2.5 ML

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