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58 species with fin ray counts including ? spines in dorsal and ? in anal fins (see list below)
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Cantharellus doederleini
No picture found

Cantharellus jebbi
No picture found

Cantharellus noumeae
No picture found

Cantherellus doederleini
No picture found

Cantherellus jebbi
No picture found

Cantherellus noumeae

Ctenactis albitentaculata

Ctenactis echinata
[Rough feather coral]
No picture found

Ctenactis triangularis

Cycloseris costulata
No picture found

Cycloseris curvata

Cycloseris cyclolites

Cycloseris distorta

Cycloseris explanulata

Cycloseris fragilis
[Fragile mushroom coral]

Cycloseris mokai
No picture found

Cycloseris sinensis
No picture found

Cycloseris somervillei

Cycloseris tenuis
[Stone coral]

Cycloseris vaughani
No picture found

Cycloseris wellsi

Danafungia horrida

Danafungia scruposa

Fungia danai
[Spiny mushroom coral]

Fungia fungites
[Common mushroom coral]

Fungia puishani

Halomitra clavator

Halomitra meierae

Halomitra pileus
[Bowl coral]

Heliofungia actiniformis
[Long tentacle plate coral]

Heliofungia fralinae

Herpolitha limax
[Striate boomerang coral]

Lithophyllon concinna
No picture found

Lithophyllon ranjithi

Lithophyllon repanda
[Oval mushroom coral]

Lithophyllon scabra

Lithophyllon spinifer

Lithophyllon undulatum
[Stone leaf coral]

Lobactis scutaria

Pleuractis granulosa
No picture found

Pleuractis gravis

Pleuractis moluccensis

Pleuractis paumotensis
[Elongate mushroom coral]

Pleuractis seychellensis

Pleuractis taiwanensis

Podabacia crustacea
[Bracket coral]
No picture found

Podabacia kunzmanni

Podabacia lankaensis

Podabacia motuporensis
[Mushroom coral]
No picture found

Podabacia sinai

Polyphyllia novaehiberniae
[Joker's boomerang coral]

Polyphyllia talpina
[Feather coral]

Sandalolitha africana
No picture found

Sandalolitha boucheti

Sandalolitha dentata

Sandalolitha robusta
[Irregular boomerang coral]

Sinuorota hexagonalis

Zoopilus echinatus
[Discus coral]
58 Species of Family Fungiidae
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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Cantharellus doederleini Western Indian Ocean
Cantharellus jebbi Western Central Pacific.
Cantharellus noumeae Western Pacific
Cantherellus doederleini Western Central Pacific
Cantherellus jebbi Western Central Pacific
Cantherellus noumeae Western Central Pacific
Ctenactis albitentaculata Western Central Pacific.
Ctenactis echinata Rough feather coral Indo-West Pacific. 100 TL
Ctenactis triangularis Eastern Indian Ocean
Cycloseris costulata Indo-West Pacific.
Cycloseris curvata Indo-Pacific.
Cycloseris cyclolites Indo-West Pacific.
Cycloseris distorta Indo-Pacific.
Cycloseris explanulata Indo-Pacific.
Cycloseris fragilis Fragile mushroom coral Pacific Ocean.
Cycloseris mokai Western Central Pacific.
Cycloseris sinensis Western Central Pacific.
Cycloseris somervillei Western Central Pacific.
Cycloseris tenuis Stone coral Indo-Pacific
Cycloseris vaughani Pacific Ocean. Tropical
Cycloseris wellsi Indo-West Pacific.
Danafungia horrida Western Central Pacific.
Danafungia scruposa Central Pacific.
Fungia danai Spiny mushroom coral Indo-Pacific.
Fungia fungites Common mushroom coral Indo-Pacific. 30 COLD
Fungia puishani Western Indian Ocean
Halomitra clavator Western Central Pacific.
Halomitra meierae Western Central Pacific
Halomitra pileus Bowl coral Widely distributed throug 60 WD
Heliofungia actiniformis Long tentacle plate coral Western Central Pacific.
Heliofungia fralinae Western Central Pacific.
Herpolitha limax Striate boomerang coral Indo-West Pacific.
Lithophyllon concinna Western Central Pacific.
Lithophyllon ranjithi Western Central Pacific
Lithophyllon repanda Oval mushroom coral Central Pacific.
Lithophyllon scabra Indo-West Pacific.
Lithophyllon spinifer Western Central Pacific.
Lithophyllon undulatum Stone leaf coral Western Pacific.
Lobactis scutaria Central Pacific.
Pleuractis granulosa Central Pacific.
Pleuractis gravis Western Central Pacific.
Pleuractis moluccensis Western Central Pacific.
Pleuractis paumotensis Elongate mushroom coral Indo-Pacific. 25 TL
Pleuractis seychellensis Western Indian Ocean.
Pleuractis taiwanensis Northwest Pacific
Podabacia crustacea Bracket coral Western Central Pacific.
Podabacia kunzmanni Indo-West Pacific
Podabacia lankaensis Eastern Indian Ocean
Podabacia motuporensis Mushroom coral Western Central Pacific.
Podabacia sinai Western Indian Ocean
Polyphyllia novaehiberniae Joker's boomerang coral Western Pacific
Polyphyllia talpina Feather coral Indo-Pacific. 75 TL
Sandalolitha africana Western Indian Ocean
Sandalolitha boucheti Western Central Pacific
Sandalolitha dentata Central Pacific.
Sandalolitha robusta Irregular boomerang coral Western Central Pacific.
Sinuorota hexagonalis Western Central Pacific.
Zoopilus echinatus Discus coral Western Central Pacific.

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