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English Abbr. French Spanish Portuguese
Bobtail snipe eels, snipe eels, eels cyematidés ciemátidos? Ciematídeo
Eeltail catfishes, catfishes plotosidés plotósidos? Plotosídeo
fin- and tailrot, and tailrot, tailrot Finrot
Grenadiers or rattails, or rattails, rattails grenadiers macrúridos, granaderos, colas de rata Macrourídeos
Hairyfish and tapetails or ribbonbearers, and tapetails or ribbonbearers, tapetails or ribbonbearers mirapínnidos Mirapinídeos
Lap tail, tail
Longtail catfishes, catfishes olíridos Olirídeos
minimum size, size taille minimum tamanho mínimo
modal size, size taille modale tamanho modal
size frequency, frequency fréquence de taille frequência de comprimento
size-at-age taille à un âge donné idade-comprimento
Squaretails tétragonures Tetragonurídeos
tail queue cauda
tail fin, fin
tail tuck, tuck
tail walking, walking
tail-bud stage, stage stade du bourgeon caudal
tail-free stage, stage stade sans queue
Tripletails croupias roches Lobotídeos
Tube-eye or thread-tail, or thread-tail, thread-tail Estiloforídeos
Whiptail breams, breams cohanas Nemipterídeos
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