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supernumerary surnuméraire supranumerário
supplemental bone, bone os supplémentaire osso supramaxilar
supra supra supra
supracleithrum supracleithrum supra-cleitrum
suprageneric supragénérique supragenérico
supramaxilla supramaxillaire supramaxila
supraoccipital supraoccipital supraoccipital
supraoccipital crest, crest
supraoccipital process, process apophyse supraoccipitale processo supraoccipital
supraorbital supraorbitaire supraorbital
supraorbital canal, canal canal supraorbitaire canal supraorbital
supraorbital crest, crest
supra-orbital crests, crests crêtes supraorbitaires cristas supra-orbitais
supratemporal canal, canal canal supratemporal canal supratemporal
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