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alarm substance, substance
artificial substrate
groundwater eau souterraine agua subterrĂĄnea ĂĄguas de superfĂ­cie
infraorbital sous-orbitaire suborbital infraorbital
infraorbital canal, canal canal sous-orbitaire canal suborbital canal infraorbital
infrasubspecific infrasubspécifique infrasubespecífico infrasubespecífico
infrasubspecific name, name nom infrasubspécifique nombre infrasubespecífico nome infrasubespecífico
infrasubspecific taxon, taxon taxon infrasubspécifique taxon infrasubespecífico taxon infrasubespecífico
knoll mont sous-marin loma pico submarino
lay parallel on substrate, parallel on substrate, on substrate
low island earthform, island earthform, earthform ßle basse ilhéu submarino
maintenance food consumption, food consumption, consumption consommation de nourriture d'entretien consumo de subsistĂȘncia
replacement name, name nom de remplacement nome de substituição
spawning substrate
sub, (as a prefix), a prefix) sub sub
subbottom reflection, reflection reflexion sismique reflecção do fundo
subcutaneous sous-cutané subcutùneo
subequal sub-Ă©gal semelhante
subestuary estuaire secondaire
subethmoid fossa, fossa
subfamily sous-famille subfamĂ­lia
subfamily name, name nom de sous-famille nome da subfamĂ­lia
subgeneric name, name nom sous-générique nome subgenérico
subgenus sous-genre subgénero
subjective synonym, synonym synonyme subjectif sinĂłnimo subjectivo
sublethal sublétal subletal
submarginal submarginal submarginal
submarine geomorphology, geomorphology géomorphologie sous-marine geomorfologia submarina
submarine valley
submarine well, well puits sous-marine fossa submarina
submerged earthform, earthform structure géomorphologique submergée submerso
submersible traveling screen
submetacentric sm submĂ©tacentrique submetacĂȘntrico
submissive behavior, behavior
subnasal fenestrae, fenestrae
subocular suboculaire subocular
subopercle suboperculum subopérculo
suborbital sous-orbitaire suborbital
suborbital depth, depth hauteur sous-orbitaire altura suborbital
suborbital shelf, shelf
suborbital width, width
subordinate taxon, taxon taxon subordonné taxon subordinado
subsequent designation, designation désignation subséquente designação subsequente
subsequent monotypy, monotypy monotypie subséquente monotipia subsequente
subsistance culture
subsistence fisheries, fisheries
subsistence fishery, fishery pĂȘcherie de subsistance pescaria de subsistĂȘncia
subspecies sous-espÚce subespécie
subspecies name, name nom de sous-espÚce nome da subespécie
subspecific name, name nom subspécifique nome subespecífico
substrate substrat substrato
subtelocentric st subtĂ©locentrique subtelocĂȘntrico
subterminal subterminal subterminal
subterminal margin, margin
subterminal mouth, mouth
subterminal notch, notch Ă©chancrure subterminale mancha subterminal
subtidal subtidal
subtribe sous-tribu subtribo
subtropical subtropical subtropical
subtropical convergence, convergence convergence subtropicale convergĂȘncia subtropical
sub-tropical convergence zone, convergence zone, zone zone de la convergence subtropicale convergĂȘncia sub-tropical
trench fosse vale submarino
trough dépression garganta submarina
vegetated substrate, substrate substrat végétal substrato vegetal
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