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breeding stock
broodstock stock de reproducteurs stock de cría; stock de cultivo stock reprodutor
founding stock, stock souche primaire stock fundacional, stock original?? stock fundador
native stock
over stock
restocking réempoissonnement repovoamento
shared stock, stock
spawning stock, stock population frayeure stock reprodutor
spawning stock biomass, stock biomass, biomass SSB
standing stock, stock biomasse biomassa de stock
stock stock stock
stock assessment
stock enhancement
stock fish
stock pond
stock recruitment models
stock recruitment relationship SSR
stock structure, structure
stocking empoissonnement repovoamento
stocking density
stocking rate, rate
straddling stock
Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, of Natural History, Stockholm NRM Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm Museu Sueco de História Natural, Estocolmo
transboundary stock
unit stock
usable stock
virgin stock
wild stock, stock
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