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epidemic spawning
fractional spawning, spawning
group spawning, spawning ponte en groupe
induced spawning
pair spawning, spawning ponte en paire
serial spawning, spawning pontes successives desova plurianual
spawning fraie postura
spawning aggregation, aggregation agrégation de ponte
spawning ascent, ascent
spawning biomass
spawning box
spawning can
spawning channel
spawning check
spawning escapement
spawning fish, fish
spawning fishery
spawning frequency, frequency fréquence de ponte frequência de postura
spawning ground, ground frayère área de postura
spawning migration, migration migration de frai
spawning pond
spawning ropes
spawning rush, rush montée de ponte
spawning spread
spawning stock, stock population frayeure stock reprodutor
spawning stock biomass, stock biomass, biomass SSB
spawning substrate
streak spawning, spawning ponte en bande
synchronous spawning, spawning ponte synchrone postura síncrona
wild spawning, spawning
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