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auditory ossicle
auditory vesicle, vesicle vésicule auditive
basicaudal basicaudal basicaudal basicaudal
basicity basicité basicidad basicidade
brachial ossicle
cephalic vesicle
desiccated codfish, codfish
Fatheads chabots-veloutés psicrolútidos Psicrolutídeos
Global Positioning System, Positioning System, System GPS système de positionnement global sistema de posicionamiento global GPS
incisiform en forme d'incisice incisiforme incisiforme
intrinsic growth rate
intrinsic rate of increase, rate of increase, of increase
intrinsic value, value valeur intrinsèque valor intrínseco valor intrínseco
Jurassic jurassique jurásico jurássico
Kupffer's vesicle, vesicle
Lightfishes fosíctidos Fosictídeos
optic vesicles, vesicles
ossicle osselet ossículo
ostariophysan ostariophysaire ostariofísico
Ostariophysi ostariophysaires Ostariofísicos
Otic vesicle
physical database, database base de données physique base de dados física
seminal vesicle, vesicle
Sicklefishes Drepanídeos
swinging sickness, sickness
triassic trias triássico
vesicula seminalis
vitelline vesicles
Weberian apparatus, apparatus or ossicles, or ossicles appareil de Weber aparelho de Weber
Weberian ossicles
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