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accessory scales, scales
alar scale, scale
caudal peduncle scale rows, peduncle scale rows, scale rows rang√©es d'√©cailles du p√©doncule caudal filas de escamas del ped√ļnculo caudal
auxillary scales, scales écailles auxiliaires escamas auxiliares escamas auxilares
Beaufort wind scale, wind scale, scale
Bigscale fishes or ridgeheads, fishes or ridgeheads, or ridgeheads poissons-heaumes melanfaidos? Melamfaídeos
cardioid scale
ciliate scale
circumference scale count, scale count, count
circumpeduncular scale count, scale count, count
ctenoid scales, scales √©cailles ct√©no√Įdes escamas ctenoideas escamas cten√≥ides
cyclo-ctenoid scale, scale
deciduous scales, scales écailles caduques escamas decíduas escamas decíduas
elasmoid scales
Fish scales, scales
ganoid scales, scale √©cailles gano√Įdes escamas ganoideas escamas gan√≥ides
humeral scale, scale écaille humérale escama humeral
lateral line scales, scales écailles de la ligne latérale escamas de la línea lateral escamas da linha lateral
lateral scale rows, scale rows, rows rangées des écailles latérales filas de escamas laterales filas de escamas da linha lateral
lateral series scales, series scales, scales
longitudinal scale series, scale series, series
median predorsal scales, predorsal scales, scales √©cailles pr√©dorsales m√©dianes n√ļmero de escamas at√© √Älinha lateral
placoid scale
pored scale
predorsal scales, scales
scale écaille escama
scale count above and below the lateral line, count above and below the lateral line, above and below the lateral line nombres d'écailles au-dessus ou au-dessous de la ligne latérale
scale counts, counts nombres d'écailles
scale fish, fish
scale formula, formula
scale pocket, pocket
scale reading, reading
Scaleless black dragonfishes, black dragonfishes, dragonfishes mélanostomiidés Melanostomídeos
scales above and below lateral line, tooth
secondary scale, scale
secondary scales, scales
small-scale fishery, fishery
spinoid scale, scale
transverse scale row, scale row, row
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