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antorbital cartilages, cartilages
infraorbital sous-orbitaire suborbital infraorbital
infraorbital canal, canal canal sous-orbitaire canal suborbital canal infraorbital
interorbital interorbitaire interorbital inter-orbital
interorbital distance, distance distance interorbitaire distancia interorbital distância inter-orbital
interorbital space, space espace interorbitaire espacio interorbital espaço inter-orbital
orbit orbite órbita
orbital orbitaire orbital
orbital bones, bones
orbital diameter, diameter
orbital region, region
postorbital post-orbitaire pós-orbital
preorbital pré-orbitaire préorbital
preorbital canals, canals
preorbital processes, processes
suborbital sous-orbitaire suborbital
suborbital depth, depth hauteur sous-orbitaire altura suborbital
suborbital shelf, shelf
suborbital width, width
supraorbital supraorbitaire supraorbital
supraorbital canal, canal canal supraorbitaire canal supraorbital
supraorbital crest, crest
supra-orbital crests, crests crêtes supraorbitaires cristas supra-orbitais
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