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bottom reflection, reflection réflexion sur le fond reflexión del fondo; eco del fondo eco do fundo oceânico
boundary current, current courant de front corriente de borde corrente oceânica
high islet ocean, islet ocean, ocean îlot océanique islote alto oceánico ilhéu marinho
Institute of Oceanic Research and Development, of Oceanic Research and Development, Oceanic Research and Development IORD
Izu Oceanic Park, Oceanic Park, Park IOP IOP
midocean ridge, ridge crête médio-océanique crista médio oceânica
mid-oceanic ridge
ocean ecosystems, ecosystems écosystèmes océaniques ecossistemas oceânicos
oceanic océanique oceânico
oceanic benthic ecosystems, ecosystems écosystèmes benthiques du large ecossistemas bênticos oceânicos
oceanic seamount, seamount
pseudoceanic pseudocéanique pseudoceânico
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