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floating gill net, gill net, net filet maillant flottant
gill branchie branquia brânquias
gill arch, arches arc branchial arco branquial arco branquial
gill area, area superficie de la branchie superficie branquial área branquial
gill chamber, chamber cavité branchiale cámara branquial câmara branquial
gill cover, cover opercule cubierta branquial opérculo
gill filaments, filaments filaments branchiaux filamentos branquiales filamentos branquiais
gill membranes, membranes membrane branchiostège membranas branquiales membranas branquiais
gill opening, opening ouverture branchiale abertura branquial aberturas branquiais
gill raker counts, raker counts, counts nombre de branchiospines recuento de branquispinas
gill rakers, rakers branchiospines branquispinas branquiespinhas
gill slits, slits fentes branchiales ?? Branquiales aberturas branquiais
gillnet filet maillant arte de enmalle rede de emalhar
nutrititional gill disease
spinescent gill rakers, gill rakers, rakers
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