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Complementary freshwater fishes, freshwater fishes, fishes poissons d'eau douce de remplacement peces de agua dulce complementarios; peces continentales complementarios peixes diádromos que se tornaram dominantes em águas doces
continental continental continental continental
continental climate, climate
continental distribution, distribution distribution continentale distribución continental distribuição continental
continental drift, drift
continental island, island
continental margin, margin marge continentale margen continental margem continental
continental ocean, ocean océan continental océano continental oceano Continental
continental rise, rise glacis continental ascenso continental vertente suave
continental shelf, shelf plateau continental plataforma continental margem continental
continental shelf ecosystems, shelf ecosystems, ecosystems écosystèmes du plateau continental ecosistemas de la plataforma continental ecossistemas da margem continental
continental shelf edge, shelf edge, edge bord du plateau continental borde de la plataforma continental fim da margem continental
continental slope, slope pente continentale talud continental vertente continental
freshwater eau douce agua dulce, agua continental água doce
offshore plain, plain plateforme continental planície batial
shelf break, break rebord du talus continental margem da vertente
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