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barrier reef coast, reef coast, coast côte de récif barrière costa de arrecife de barrera costa da barreira de coral
bay coastline, coastline anse bahía litoral baía
coast côte costa costa
coastal convergence, convergence downwelling côtier convergencia costera convergência costeira
coastal plain, plain
coastal waters, waters
coastline littoral litoral Linha de costa
cove coastline, coastline anse litoral de rada linha de costa suave
fault coast, coast côte de faille costa de falla falha costeira
fringing reef coast, reef coast, coast côte bordée de récifs frangeants costa de arrecife franjeante costa recifal
Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Museum, Mississippi, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory GCRL Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Museum, Mississippi Laboratório do Museu da Costa do Golfo, Mississipi
Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland
Integrated coastal zone management ICZM
noncoral reef coast, reef coast, coast côte non récifale costa não coralina
peninsula coastline, coastline péninsule linha de costa de uma península
The Coastal Waters of Southeast Alaska and British Columbia
undifferentiated coastline, coastline ligne de côte indifférenciée linha de costa indeferenciada
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