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ad libitum, libitum
antorbital cartilages, cartilages
aquatic habitat
arbitrary combination of letters, combination of letters, of letters combinaison arbitraire de lettres combinación arbitraria de letras combinação arbitrária de letras
courtship bite, bite
gaffel bitar
Gaffel biter, biter
habitat habitat hábitat habitat
infraorbital sous-orbitaire suborbital infraorbital
infraorbital canal, canal canal sous-orbitaire canal suborbital canal infraorbital
interorbital interorbitaire interorbital inter-orbital
interorbital distance, distance distance interorbitaire distancia interorbital distância inter-orbital
interorbital space, space espace interorbitaire espacio interorbital espaço inter-orbital
Loaches loches cobítidos Cobitídeos
marginal habitat, habitat
orbit orbite órbita
orbital orbitaire orbital
orbital bones, bones
orbital diameter, diameter
orbital region, region
pectoral bite, bite
postorbital post-orbitaire pós-orbital
preorbital pré-orbitaire préorbital
preorbital canals, canals
preorbital processes, processes
Rabbitfishes cordonniers Siganídeos
rearing habitat
suborbital sous-orbitaire suborbital
suborbital depth, depth hauteur sous-orbitaire altura suborbital
suborbital shelf, shelf
suborbital width, width
successional inhibition
supraorbital supraorbitaire supraorbital
supraorbital canal, canal canal supraorbitaire canal supraorbital
supraorbital crest, crest
supra-orbital crests, crests crêtes supraorbitaires cristas supra-orbitais
Viviparous brotulas, brotulas donzelles vivipares Bititídeos
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