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alimentary canal, canal tube digestif tubo digestivo canal alimentar
anal anal anal anal
anal fin, fin nageoire anale aleta anal barbatana anal
anal fin origin, fin origin, origin origine de la nageoire anale
anal fin ray count, fin ray count, ray count
anal papilla, papilla papille anale papila anal papila anal
analytical watershed
artificial channel, channel canal artificiel canal artificial canal artificial
artisanal fisheries, fisheries pêche artisanale pesquerías artesanales pesca artesanal
basal communicating canals, communicating canals, canals
biochemical analysis, analysis analyse biochimique análisis bioquímico análise bioquímica
circumnarial grooves, grooves sillons circumnasaux canal circumnarinal depressões das narinas
cohort analysis
dorsal and anal fin ray counts, and anal fin ray counts, anal fin ray counts nombre de rayons des nageoires dorsales et anales recuento de los radios de las aletas dorsal y anal
electrophoretic analysis, analysis
fringing reef channel, reef channel, channel passe de récif frangeant canal de arrecife franjeante canal do recife
infraorbital canal, canal canal sous-orbitaire canal suborbital canal infraorbital
inter-islet channel, channel HOA hoa canal inter-islotes canal entre ilhas
lateral canal, canal canal latéral canal lateral canal da linha lateral
microprobe analysis, analysis analyse microradiographique análise com raios X
mucous canal, canal canal muqueux canal mucoso
nasal canal
neural canal, canal
opercular canal
pelvic-anal interspace, interspace distance pelviennes-anale espaço pélvico-anal
Population Viability Analysis, Viability Analysis, Analysis PVA analyse de la viabilité d'une population Análise de Viabilidade duma População
postanal membrane, membrane
postanal myomeres, myomeres
preanal fin, fin
preanal length, length PAL
preanal membrane, membrane
preanal myomeres, myomeres
preanal ridge, ridge
preoperculo-mandibular canal, canal canal préoperculo-mandibulaire canal preopérculomandibular
preorbital canals, canals
proximate analysis, analysis analyse de la composition análise tecidual
sea channel, channel vallée sous-marine canal marinho
semicircular ear canal, ear canal, canal
sensory canal, canal canal sensoriel canal sensorial
shallow pass, pass passe peu profonde canal recifal
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Balboa, Panama, Smithsonian Tropical Research Inst STRI Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Balboa, Panama Instituto de Investigação Tropical Smithsonian, Balboa,Canal Zone
snout to vent length, to vent length, vent length longueur de corps du museau à l'orifice anal
sound channel, channel chenal sonore canal de som
supraorbital canal, canal canal supraorbitaire canal supraorbital
supratemporal canal, canal canal supratemporal canal supratemporal
vent to anal fin length, to anal fin length, anal fin length VAFL
virtual population analysis VPA
yield-per-recruit analysis, analysis
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