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activated sludge process, sludge process, process
aerated lagoon, lagoon
aggregated/clumped/contiguous distribution, distribution
Dark spotted moray, spotted moray, moray
attenuated vaccine, vaccine
corrected statement of a type locality, statement of a type locality, of a type locality énoncé corrigé de la localité-type declaración corregida de una localidad tipo declaração corrigida da localidade de um tipo
deflected climax community (plagioclimax)
dehydrated fish, fish
desiccated codfish, codfish
directed fishery, fishery pêche sélective pesquería dirigida
dried salted fish, salted fish, fish
dry salted fish, salted fish, fish
elevated élevé elevado alta
elevated fin, fin nageoire élevée aleta elevada barbatana alta
encapsulated egg, egg oeuf à capsule huevo encapsulado ovo encapsulado
eviscerated éviscéré eviscerado eviscerado
exploited exploité explotado explorado
exserted exsert exsertado projectado para fora
extirpated éteint extirpado Estirpado
Fermented fish paste, fish paste, paste
Fermented fish sauce, fish sauce, sauce
fully exploited, exploited exploitation équilibrée plenamente explotado
gutted fish, fish
Half-salted fish, fish
Heavy salted, salted
Hot marinated fish, marinated fish, fish
hydrated eggs, eggs
imbricated imbriqué imbricado imbricado
indented échancré endentado idendado
Integrated coastal zone management ICZM
integrated fish farming, fish farming, farming
interpolated name, name nom intercalé nombre interpolado nome interpolado
k-selected species, species
limited entry fishery, entry fishery, fishery p√™cherie contr√īl√©e pesquer√≠a controlada pescaria com quotas autorizadas
Marine Protected Area, Protected Area, Area MPA Zone Marine Protégée à rea Marinha Protegida
medicated feed
microencapsulated diets, diets aliments micro-encapsulés dietas microencapsuladas
Object Oriented, Oriented OO orienté objet Raciocínio Objectivo
Painted grunt, grunt
Passive Integrated Transponder tags
pedunculated pédonculé pedunculado
pigmented pigmenté pigmentado
polyunsaturated fatty acids
protected area, area PA zone protégée área protegida
punctuated equilibrium
reef-associated associé aux récifs coralliens associado ao recife
rejected name, name nom rejeté nome rejeitado
rejected work, work travail rejeté trabalho rejeitado
reticulated réticulé reticulado
r-selected species, species
segmented ray, ray rayon segmenté raios segmentados
segmented yolk, yolk vitellin segmenté
striated régulièrement strié estriado
striated gut, gut
striated rays, rays
transplanted species
undifferentiated coastline, coastline ligne de c√īte indiff√©renci√©e linha de costa indeferenciada
united uni unido
vegetated substrate, substrate substrat végétal substrato vegetal
wet salted
Wet salted fish, salted fish, fish
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