Biodiversity in Vanuatu (VUT)
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Species Families Species Families
Marine 1001 235 No
Freshwater 4 3 No
Total 1008 238 No
Ref.   Microsoft, 1996
Conservation Although some logging has taken place in Vanuatu, forests still cover 75 per cent (1993) of these islands. The coral reefs are used for fishing and tourism but suffer from natural disasters and silt run-off.
Geography and Climate Vanuatu consists of a group of about 70 islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Among the principal islands are Espiritu Santo (the largest), Malakula, Éfaté, Erromango, and Ambrym. Some of the islands are coral formations; most are of volcanic origin, and several volcanoes are active. The climate is wet and tropical, with an average annual temperature of 25°C. Annual rainfall decreases from 3,810 mm in the northern part of the group to 2,286 mm in the south.

Ref.  Microsoft, 1996
Hydrography To be filled.
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