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Name Brough, Clarice Brough, Clarice
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Address South Gateway, Ridgecrest, California 93555
Country USA
Comments Involved in the world of animals for my entire life, both personally and professionally, I have kept and bred a variety of different species of animals with a special emphasis on fish and corals. I am a Certified Specialists in all the categories offered by the pet industry joint advisory council (PIJAC), and operated an exotic pet retail outlet from the early 1990's through 2003. Since 1997 I have been heavily involved in all types of animal species research, photography, video production, and writing in conjunction with orchestrating web site content for The goal of is to expand public awareness of animal species and promote interactive participation in animal and pet related stewardship.Animal-World is about responsible pet ownership, but more than that it is about preserving and honoring the environment and its inhabitants, which give us our livelihoods and our very life blood. With this kinship and love for the animals of our world comes the responsibility of knowing about them and providing good stewardship. Today, more than ever, the very survival of many species depends upon responsible stewardship. The destruction of many of the world's natural habitats including rain forests and coral reefs, demands a proactive approach to setting aside sanctuaries, refuges, and marine reserves. For those animals already in danger of extinction, we need to learn as much as we can about what they need to eat, what kinds of environments they require to thrive, and how to breed them. Hobbyists play an increasingly important role in this regard. Studying and observing behaviors in our living rooms and backyards is helping us to understand and provide for these animals better. This in turn leads to not only aiding species in their natural environment, but provides the impetus for more people to become involved on both personal and professional levels. Some of the animals presented at have been domesticated for centuries, while others have only been named in recent years past. Many animals, especially in the coral reefs and oceans of the world are yet to be discovered and named. Marine biology, by many accounts, is in its' infancy with a mere 50+ years of exploratory equipment available to scientists, who are now able to observe fish and invertebrates directly in their natural environments. The knowledge we have today will surely be expanded upon and modified as new studies and discoveries uncover new facts. To this end, strives to provide accurate and timely information.
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