Ecosystem Reference
Ecosystem East Central Australian Shelf
Type Sea/Bay/Gulf
Salinity saltwater
Other Names
LME SAU No 41. LME2002, LME2006, SAU 2008. 22° S 33° S - 151° E 162° E
Location Map East_Central_Australian_Shelf.png
Size Ref
River Length Area 652837 km2 Drainage Area
Average Depth Max Depth Ref
Surface 23.0 °C Map153.gif
100 Meters Depth 20.5 °C Map154.gif
Description The East-Central Australia Large Marine Ecosytem extends from the edge of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland to the approximate latitude of Cape Howe, at the southern end of the state of New South Wales. It is characterized by a narrow continental shelf that is bordered by the Tasman abyssal plain. The South Equatorial Current from the Pacific Ocean gyre flows westward towards the Australian coast and bends south (left) under the influence of the Coriolis effect to become the East Australian Current. The climate is temperate (; formerly East - Central Australian Shelf).
Comments on faunal list Area from SAU (November 2015).
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