Reproduction of Thylacoplethus africanus
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Main Ref. Ruppert, E.E., R.S. Fox and R.D. Barnes, 2004
Mode dioecism
Fertilization internal (oviduct)
Spawning Frequency
Batch Spawner No
Reproductive Guild bearers
Internal live bearers
Description of life cycle and mating behavior Members of the order Akentrogonida are gonochoric. Life cycle: Nauplius larvae molt into cyprids. The female settles on a host and metamorphose into vermigon larva and then into an interna which lies into the host's cuticle. It then develops into an externa lying outside the host's abdomen. The male cypris larvae attaches to the female externa, the male then molts into a dwarf male (trichogon larva) and remains as a testis parasitic on the female. Fertilization occurs and the externa becomes the egg sac filled with fertilized eggs.
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