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3401 Iversen, E.S. and G. Beardsley 1974 Impact of Sand Dredging On the Fauna of a Submerged Data South of Key Biscayne, Florida. Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami. 1974 Dentalium floridense 1-12
833 Ruppert, E.E., R.S. Fox and R.D. Barnes 2004 Invertebrate Zoology. A functional evolutionary approach. 7th Ed. Brooks/Cole, Thomson Learning learning, Inc. 990 p. 2004 Dentalium floridense -->
19 Bisby, F.A., M.A. Ruggiero, K.L. Wilson, M. Cachuela-Palacio, S.W. Kimani, Y.R. Roskov, A. Soulier-Perkins and J. van Hertum 2005 Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life: 2005 Annual Checklist. CD-ROM; Species 2000: Reading, U.K. 2005 Dentalium floridense -->
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