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90400 Fernandez Castro, N. and N. Vido de Mattio 1987 Biochemical composition, condition index, and energy value of Ostrea puelchana (D'Orbigny): Relationships with the reproductive cycle. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 108:113-126. 1987 Ostrea puelchana -->
833 Ruppert, E.E., R.S. Fox and R.D. Barnes 2004 Invertebrate Zoology. A functional evolutionary approach. 7th Ed. Brooks/Cole, Thomson Learning learning, Inc. 990 p. 2004 Ostrea puelchana -->
106004 Orensanz, J.M., A.M. Parma, N.F. Ciocco and A. Cinti 2007 Achievement and setbacks in the commercial diving fishery of San Jose Gulf, Argentine Patagonia. Fisheries management: Progress towards sustainability 68-87. 2007 Ostrea puelchana -->
83435 Rosenberg, G. 2009 Malacolog 4.1.1: A Database of Western Atlantic Marine Mollusca. [WWW database (version 4.1.1)] URL 2009 Ostrea puelchana -->
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