Species under Ostrea
n= 23
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Ostrea adriatica
Lamarck, 1819
Mediterranean Sea
Ostrea algoensis
Sowerby II, 1871
Southeast Atlantic
Ostrea angasi
Sowerby II, 1871
Australian mud oyster Indo-West Pacific
Ostrea atherstonei
Newton, 1913
Red flat oyster Western Indian Ocean 10.5
Ostrea aupouria
Dinamani, 1981
Southwest Pacific
Ostrea capsa
von Waldheim, 1807
Southwest Pacific and the Mediterranean Sea
Ostrea chilensis
Philippi, 1854
Chilean flat oyster South Pacific Ocean 10
Ostrea conchaphila
(Carpenter, 1857)
Olympia oyster Eastern Central Pacific 9
Ostrea cristata
Born, 1778
Northeast Atlantic 3.7
Ostrea cucullata
Born, 1778
Cucullate rock oyster Eastern Atlantic and Indo-Pacific
Ostrea denselamellosa
Lischke, 1869
Lamellated oyster Western Pacific
Ostrea edulis
Linnaeus, 1758
Edible oyster Northeast Pacific, Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea 12
Ostrea equestris
(Say, 1834)
Crested oyster Northeast Atlantic and Southwest Atlantic
Ostrea futamiensis
Seki, 1929
Western Pacific
Ostrea hanleyi
Sowerby, 1871
Indo-Pacific 3.02
Ostrea libella
Weisbord, 1964
Western Atlantic 3.8
Ostrea lixula
Weisbord, 1964
Western Atlantic 6
Ostrea lurida
Carpenter, 1864
Yaquina oyster Eastern Pacific 9
Ostrea lutaria
Hutton, 1873
Southwest Pacific 8
Ostrea megadon
Hanley, 1846
Northeast Atlantic
Ostrea neostentina
Hu, Wang, Zhang, Li & Guo, 2019
Northwest Pacific and the Mediterranean
Ostrea palmipes
Sowerby II, 1874
Western Central Pacific
Ostrea puelchana
d'Orbigny, 1842
Atlantic Ocean and Indo-Pacific 7.2
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