Species under Graptacme
n= 20
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Graptacme aciculum
(Gould, 1859)
Indo-West Pacific
Graptacme acutissima
(Watson, 1879)
Graptacme acutistriata
Steiner & Kabat, 2004
Western Indian Ocean
Graptacme africana
(Sowerby, 1903)
Indian Ocean
Graptacme buccinulum
Gould, 1859
Northwest Pacific
Graptacme calamus
(Dall, 1889)
Reed tuskshell Western Atlantic 2.3
Graptacme eborea
(Conrad, 1846)
Ivory tuskshell Western Atlantic 6
Graptacme elpis
(Winckworth, 1927)
Indian Ocean
Graptacme inversa
(Deshayes, 1826)
Turned tuskshell Eastern Pacific and Eastern Central Atlantic
Graptacme lactea
(Deshayes, 1825)
Graptacme marchadi
(Nickl├Ęs, 1979)
Eastern Atlantic
Graptacme nielseni
Lamprell & Healy, 1998
Graptacme perlonga
(Dall, 1881)
Western Atlantic; Caribbean 9
Graptacme secta
(Deshayes, 1825)
Indian Ocean
Graptacme semipolita
(Broderip & Sowerby I, 1829)
Half-smooth tuskshell Eastern Pacific
Graptacme semistriata
(Turton, 1819)
Western Atlantic; Caribbean
Graptacme semistriolata
(Guilding, 1834)
Scratched tuskshell Western Atlantic 4.6
Graptacme semistriolatum
(Guilding, 1834)
Half-scratched tusk Western Central Atlantic
Graptacme splendida
(Sowerby, 1832)
Eastern Pacific
Graptacme takakoae
Tsuchida & Tachi, 1999
Northwest Atlantic
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