Species under Assiminea
n= 19
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Assiminea avilai
van Aartsen, 2008
Northeast Atlantic
Assiminea beddomiana
Nevill, 1881
Western Central Pacific
Assiminea brevicula
(Pfeiffer, 1854)
Indo-West Pacific 0.7
Assiminea californica
(Tryon, 1865)
California assiminea East Pacific
Assiminea cardonae
Paladilhe, 1875
Mediterranean Sea
Assiminea gittenbergeri
van Aartsen, 2008
Mediterranean Sea
Assiminea globulus
Connoly, 1939
Globular mud snail Southeast Atlantic
Assiminea grayana
Fleming, 1928
Northeast Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea and Indo-West Pacific
Assiminea hessei
Boettger, 1887
Eastern Central Atlantic
Assiminea hungerfordiana
Nevill, 1880
Eastern Indian Ocean
Assiminea infima
Berry, 1947
Badwater snail North America
Assiminea nitida
Abbott, 1949
Pacific Ocean
Assiminea palauensis
Thiele, 1927
Western Central Pacific
Assiminea pecos
Taylor, 1987
Pecos assiminea North America
Assiminea succinea
(Pfeiffer, 1840)
Atlantic assiminea Western Atlantic 0.3
Assiminea theobaldiana
Nevill, 1880
Western Indian Ocean
Assiminea violacea
Heude, 1882
Northwest Pacific
Assiminea vulgaris
(Webster, 1905)
Southern Pacific 0.3
Assiminea zubairensis
Glöer & Naser, 2013
Western Indian Ocean
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