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(English) A biological unit representing the individuals of a species living in a particular area; a group of individuals with common ancestry that are much more likely to breed with one another than with individuals from another such group. Usually populations have little demographic or genetic exchange with other such populations. (See also: species, gene pool, life cycle)
(French) Unité biologique formée par les individus d'une espèce vivant dans une région géographique particulière ; groupe d'individus possédant un ancêtre commun et qui ont plus de chance de se reproduire entre eux qu'avec des individus d'une autre population. (See also: species, gene pool, life cycle)
(Portuguese) Unidade biológica representando os indivíduos de uma espécie que vivem numa determinada área. Grupo de indivíduos com ancestral comum que se entrecruzam entre si. (See also: species, gene pool, life cycle)

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