Favites rotundata Veron, Pichon & Wijsman-Best, 1977
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Family:  Merulinidae ()
Max. size: 
Environment:  reef-associated; marine; depth range 0 - 40 m
Distribution:  Indo-West Pacific.
Diagnosis:  Colony: flat, or dome-shaped. Circular thick-walled corallites, tending to be cerioid, 19 to 22 mm across. Fleshy polyps, circular outline. Color: pale gray, yellowish, brown; corallite rims often distinctly colored (Ref. 848).
Biology:  Found on reef slopes and lagoons (Ref. 848).
IUCN Red List Status: Near Threatened (NT); Date assessed: 01 January 2008 Ref. 123251)
Threat to humans: 
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